Cefalù Sea Palace

Experience the marvel at the seafront of Cefalu


Sea Palace

A world of art, history and pure relaxation

The hotel was born from a brilliant architectural and entrepreneurial project that was designed to make something important in one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, represented by the millenary Cefalù Arab Norman Cathedral with its overhanging Rocca and a laid back town On the water of its ancient marina.

The panorama that you enjoy from the terraces of the rooms or through the large windows of the suites gives incredible emotions; You can dine at the candle light on the balcony in your room, breathing a great air of relaxation.

Exactly this is what at first sight you can enjoy from the vast balconies of the Cefalu Sea Palace.
A postcard full of art and history, a clear and clean sea just 15 meters from the Hotel and then, just 5 minutes walk on foot, in the Lungomare, the discovery of a historic center among the most beautiful of Italy, With the newly restored Municipal Theater, the Medioevale washbasin, the Osterio Magno, the Mandralisca Museum, the Cloister, the Duomo with its splendid square, the ancient fortification of the Bastion and the Megalithic Walls.

The lobby, very large and cozy thanks to its large windows, offers a wonderful 360-degree view of the Gulf. Inside there are two large crystal chandeliers and a cleverly designed helix scale that gives a sense of magnificence to the entire structure.
From the roofgarden you can see the beach below and the seafront of Cefalù, feeling an intense emotion of applause and admiration for the city which, by accident, was named “La Perla del Tirreno”